When captioning of a live or pre-recorded lecture is necessary for a student or a faculty or staff member to participate, remote CART captioning via the Internet offers the solution.

Your site needs access to the Internet and a method by which the CART provider can listen to the presentation. Typically this is done either with a land line telephone connection or through the use of an Internet program such as Skype or Google Talk. Several webinar platforms have a built-in audio feature.



Conference captioning

Captions can be provided for your conference using Remote CART service. We send you a web link that allows you to view the captions on a laptop on the day of your event. The captions can be displayed for an audience with an LCD projector or displayed by another method which might be suggested by an audio/video specialist if you are working with one.

Prior to the conference, we discuss with you the options for delivering an audio feed so that the CART provider is able to listen to the presenters at your event. Some event sites are equipped to deliver audio via a land line telephone, and at other sites using an Internet-based program such as Skype or Google Talk is more convenient for event organizers. Depending upon the setup at your conference site, microphones may be required in order for the CART provider to clearly hear in order to deliver quality captions.




Many webinar platforms are able to incorporate realtime captioning performed by a remote CART provider or captioner. Adobe Connect Pro and WebEx are just two examples of many.